Package: inet.linklayer.ieee80211.mac.queue


simple module

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Name Type Description
DropTailQueue simple module

This module is a limited packet queue which drops packets at the tail of the queue.


Name Type Default value Description
displayStringTextFormat string "contains %p pk (%l) pushed %u\npopped %o removed %r dropped %d"

determines display string text above the submodule

packetCapacity int 100

maximum number of packets in the queue, no limit by default

dataCapacity int -1b

maximum total length of packets in the queue, no limit by default

dropperClass string "inet::queueing::PacketAtCollectionEndDropper"

determines which packets are dropped when the queue is overloaded, packets are not dropped by default; the parameter must be the name of a C++ class which implements the IPacketDropperFunction C++ interface and is registered via Register_Class

comparatorClass string "inet::ieee80211::MgmtOverDataComparator"

determines the order of packets in the queue, insertion order by default; the parameter must be the name of a C++ class which implements the IPacketComparatorFunction C++ interface and is registered via Register_Class

bufferModule string ""

relative module path to the IPacketBuffer module used by this queue, implicit buffer by default


Name Value Description
display i=block/queue
class PacketQueue


Name Direction Size Description
in input
out output


Name Type Unit
packetRemoved inet::Packet
packetPushed inet::Packet
packetDropped inet::Packet
packetPopped inet::Packet


Name Title Source Record Unit Interpolation Mode
packetRemoved packets removed count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
queueLength queue length count(packetPushed) - count(packetPopped) - count(packetRemoved) - count(packetDropped) max, timeavg, vector sample-hold
queueingTime queueing times queueingTime(packetPopped) histogram, vector s none
packetPushed packet pushed count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
packetDropQueueOverflow packet drops: queue overflow packetDropReasonIsQueueOverflow(packetDropped) count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
packetPopped packet popped count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none

Source code

simple PendingQueue extends DropTailQueue
        comparatorClass = default("inet::ieee80211::MgmtOverDataComparator"); // MgmtOverDataComparator, MgmtOverMulticastOverUnicastComparator, ...
        packetCapacity = default(100);

File: src/inet/linklayer/ieee80211/mac/queue/PendingQueue.ned