Package: inet.linklayer.contract


module interface

Module interface for wireless network interfaces.


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Implemented by

Name Type Description
AckingWirelessInterface compound module

Highly abstracted wireless NIC that consists of a unit disk radio and a trivial MAC protocol. It offers simplicity for scenarios where Layer 1 and 2 effects can be completely ignored, for example testing the basic functionality of a wireless ad-hoc routing protocol.

BMacInterface compound module (no description)
CsmaCaInterface compound module

Module interface for CSMA/MA network interfaces.

ExtUpperIeee80211Interface compound module

This module provides an IEEE 802.11 network interface suitable for emulation. The upper part of the network interface is realized in the real world using a real TAP device of the host computer which is running the simulation.

Ieee80211Interface compound module

This NIC implements an 802.11 network interface card. It can be configured via the mgmt.typename parameter to act as an AP or a STA, or for ad-hoc mode.

Ieee802154NarrowbandInterface compound module (no description)
Ieee802154UwbIrInterface compound module (no description)
LMacInterface compound module (no description)
ShortcutInterface compound module (no description)
WirelessInterface compound module (no description)
XMacInterface compound module (no description)

Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
AccessPoint compound module

A generic access point supporting multiple wireless radios, and multiple ethernet ports. The type of the ethernet MAC, relay unit and wireless card can be specified as parameters.

LinkLayerNodeBase compound module (no description)


Name Type Description
INetworkInterface module interface (no description)


Name Value Description
display i=block/ifcard

Source code

// Module interface for wireless network interfaces.
moduleinterface IWirelessInterface extends INetworkInterface
        input radioIn @labels(ISignal); // to receive signals
File: src/inet/linklayer/contract/IWirelessInterface.ned