Package: inet.emulation.linklayer.ieee80211


compound module

This module provides an IEEE 802.11 network interface suitable for emulation. The upper part of the network interface is realized in the real world using a real TAP device of the host computer which is running the simulation.

PcapRecorder IClock Ieee80211Mib ExtEthernetTapDevice IIeee80211Llc IIeee8021dQosClassifier IIeee80211Agent IIeee80211Mgmt IIeee80211Mac IRadio

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Name Type Description
ExtInterface compound module

This module provides a base module for external network interfaces.


Name Type Default value Description
displayStringTextFormat string "%a (%i)\n%m"
recordPcap bool false
numPcapRecorders int recordPcap ? 1 : 0
isWireless bool false
interfaceTableModule string
device string
namespace string ""
copyConfiguration string ""
address string "auto"
broadcast bool true
multicast bool true
pointToPoint bool false
mtu int 4470B
energySourceModule string ""
opMode string "g(mixed)"
bitrate double -1bps


Name Value Description
class ExtInterface
display i=block/ifcard


Name Direction Size Description
upperLayerIn input
upperLayerOut output
radioIn input

to receive signals


Name Type Unit
packetDropped inet::Packet


Name Title Source Record Unit Interpolation Mode
packetDropInterfaceDown packet drops: interface down packetDropReasonIsInterfaceDown(packetDropped) count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
packetDropNoCarrier packet drops: no carrier packetDropReasonIsNoCarrier(packetDropped) count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none

Unassigned submodule parameters

Name Type Default value Description
pcapRecorder.verbose bool true

whether to log packets on the module output

pcapRecorder.pcapFile string ""

the PCAP file to be written

pcapRecorder.fileFormat string "pcapng"
pcapRecorder.snaplen int 65535

maximum number of bytes to record per packet

pcapRecorder.dumpBadFrames bool true

enable dump of frames with hasBitError

pcapRecorder.sendingSignalNames string "packetSentToLower"

space-separated list of outbound packet signals to subscribe to

pcapRecorder.receivingSignalNames string "packetReceivedFromLower"

space-separated list of inbound packet signals to subscribe to

pcapRecorder.dumpProtocols string "ethernetmac ppp ieee80211mac"

space-separated list of protocol names as defined in the Protocol class

pcapRecorder.packetFilter object "*"

which packets are considered, matches all packets by default

pcapRecorder.helpers string ""

usable PcapRecorder::IHelper helpers for accept packettype and store/convert packet as specified linktype currently available: "inet::AckingMacToEthernetPcapRecorderHelper"

pcapRecorder.alwaysFlush bool false

flush the pcapFile after each write to ensure that all packets are captured in case of a crash

pcapRecorder.displayStringTextFormat string "rec: %n pks"
tap.device string

name of existing real tap interface

tap.namespace string ""
tap.packetNameFormat string "Ext-%p-%t-%n"
mgmt.macModule string

The path to the MAC module

Source code

// This module provides an IEEE 802.11 network interface suitable for emulation.
// The upper part of the network interface is realized in the real world using
// a real TAP device of the host computer which is running the simulation.
module ExtUpperIeee80211Interface extends ExtInterface like IWirelessInterface
        string energySourceModule = default("");
        string opMode @enum("a","b","g(erp)","g(mixed)","n(mixed-2.4Ghz)","p","ac") = default("g(mixed)");
        double bitrate @unit(bps) = default(-1bps);
        **.opMode = this.opMode;
        **.bitrate = this.bitrate;
        mac.modeSet = default(this.opMode);
        mac.*.rateSelection.dataFrameBitrate = default(this.bitrate);
        *.macModule = default(absPath(".mac"));
        *.mibModule = default(absPath(".mib"));
        *.interfaceTableModule = default(absPath(this.interfaceTableModule));
        *.energySourceModule = default(absPath(this.energySourceModule));
        input radioIn @labels(IWirelessSignal); // to receive signals
        mib: Ieee80211Mib {
        tap: ExtEthernetTapDevice {
        llc: <default("Ieee80211Portal")> like IIeee80211Llc {
        classifier: <default("OmittedIeee8021dQosClassifier")> like IIeee8021dQosClassifier {
        agent: <default("Ieee80211AgentSta")> like IIeee80211Agent if typename != "" {
        mgmt: <default("Ieee80211MgmtSta")> like IIeee80211Mgmt {
        mac: <default("Ieee80211Mac")> like IIeee80211Mac {
        radio: <default("Ieee80211ScalarRadio")> like IRadio {
    connections allowunconnected:
        radioIn --> { @display("m=s"); } --> radio.radioIn;
        radio.upperLayerIn <-- mac.lowerLayerOut;
        radio.upperLayerOut --> mac.lowerLayerIn;

        mac.mgmtOut --> mgmt.macIn;
        mac.mgmtIn <-- mgmt.macOut;

        mgmt.agentOut --> agent.mgmtIn if exists(agent);
        mgmt.agentIn <-- agent.mgmtOut if exists(agent);

        llc.upperLayerOut --> { @display("m=n"); } --> tap.lowerLayerIn;
        llc.upperLayerIn <-- { @display("m=n"); } <-- classifier.out;

        llc.lowerLayerOut --> mac.upperLayerIn;
        llc.lowerLayerIn <-- mac.upperLayerOut;

        classifier.in <-- { @display("m=n"); } <-- tap.lowerLayerOut;

File: src/inet/emulation/linklayer/ieee80211/ExtUpperIeee80211Interface.ned