OMNeT++ Simulation Library  5.6.1
cResultFilterType Class Reference

#include <cresultfilter.h>


Registers a cResultFilter.

Inheritance diagram for cResultFilterType:
cNoncopyableOwnedObject cOwnedObject noncopyable cNamedObject cObject

Public Member Functions

 cResultFilterType (const char *name, cResultFilter *(*f)(), const char *description=nullptr)
cResultFiltercreate () const
const char * getDescription () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cNoncopyableOwnedObject
 cNoncopyableOwnedObject (const char *name=nullptr, bool namepooling=true)
virtual cNoncopyableOwnedObjectdup () const override
virtual void parsimPack (cCommBuffer *buffer) const override
virtual void parsimUnpack (cCommBuffer *buffer) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from cOwnedObject
 cOwnedObject ()
 cOwnedObject (const char *name, bool namepooling=true)
 cOwnedObject (const cOwnedObject &obj)
virtual ~cOwnedObject ()
cOwnedObjectoperator= (const cOwnedObject &o)
virtual cObjectgetOwner () const override
virtual bool isOwnedObject () const override
virtual bool isSoftOwner () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cNamedObject
 cNamedObject ()
 cNamedObject (const char *name, bool namepooling=true)
 cNamedObject (const cNamedObject &obj)
virtual ~cNamedObject ()
cNamedObjectoperator= (const cNamedObject &o)
virtual void setName (const char *s)
virtual const char * getName () const override
virtual void setNamePooling (bool b)
virtual bool getNamePooling ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cObject
 cObject ()
 cObject (const cObject &other)
virtual ~cObject ()
virtual const char * getClassName () const
bool isName (const char *s) const
virtual const char * getFullName () const
virtual std::string getFullPath () const
const cObjectgetThisPtr () const
virtual std::string str () const
virtual _OPPDEPRECATED std::string info () const
virtual _OPPDEPRECATED std::string detailedInfo () const
virtual void forEachChild (cVisitor *v)
cObjectfindObject (const char *name, bool deep=true)
void copyNotSupported () const

Static Public Member Functions

static cResultFilterTypefind (const char *name)
static cResultFilterTypeget (const char *name)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cOwnedObject
static long getTotalObjectCount ()
static long getLiveObjectCount ()
static void resetObjectCounters ()
static cDefaultListgetDefaultOwner ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from cObject
virtual void take (cOwnedObject *obj)
virtual void drop (cOwnedObject *obj)
void dropAndDelete (cOwnedObject *obj)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cResultFilterType()

cResultFilterType ( const char *  name,
cResultFilter *(*)()  f,
const char *  description = nullptr 


Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

cResultFilter* create ( ) const

Creates an instance of a particular class by calling the creator function.

◆ getDescription()

const char* getDescription ( ) const

Returns the documentation of this result filter.

◆ find()

static cResultFilterType* find ( const char *  name)

Finds the factory object for the given name. The class must have been registered previously with the Register_ResultFilter() macro.

◆ get()

static cResultFilterType* get ( const char *  name)

Like find(), but throws an error if the object was not found.

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