Package: inet.networklayer.contract


module interface

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Implemented by

Name Type Description
ExtLowerIpv4NetworkLayer compound module (no description)
ExtUpperIpv4NetworkLayer compound module (no description)
Ipv4NetworkLayer compound module

Network layer of an IPv4 node.

Ipv6NetworkLayer compound module

Represents an IPv6 network layer (L3).

NextHopNetworkLayer compound module

This module provides a network layer for the next hop forwarding.

SimpleNetworkLayer compound module

This module provides a simple network layer.

WiseRouteNetworkLayer compound module

This module provides a simple network layer.

Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
NetworkLayerNodeBase compound module (no description)


Name Type Description
INetworkLayerUpper module interface

This module interface provides an abstraction for different network layers.

INetworkLayerLower module interface (no description)


Name Value Description
display i=block/fork

Source code

moduleinterface INetworkLayer extends INetworkLayerUpper, INetworkLayerLower

File: src/inet/networklayer/contract/INetworkLayer.ned