Package: inet.linklayer.ieee8021q


module interface

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Implemented by

Name Type Description
Ieee8021qLayer compound module (no description)
Ieee8021qProtocol compound module

This module implements the IEEE 802.1Q protocol encapsulation/decapsulation. It also provides socket support so applications can use the protocol directly.

Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
EthernetSwitch compound module

Model of an Ethernet switch.

Ieee8021qLayer compound module (no description)
LinkLayerNodeBase compound module (no description)


Name Type Description
IProtocolLayer module interface

This module interface is implemented by all protocol layer modules that connect to a higher and to a lower protocol layer, both of which is optional.


Name Value Description
omittedTypename OmittedProtocolLayer
display i=block/layer

Source code

moduleinterface IIeee8021qLayer extends IProtocolLayer

File: src/inet/linklayer/ieee8021q/IIeee8021qLayer.ned