Package: inet.linklayer.ethernet.contract


module interface

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Implemented by

Name Type Description
EthernetEncapsulation simple module

Performs Ethernet II or Ethernet with LLC/SNAP encapsulation/decapsulation.

EthernetLayer compound module (no description)
OmittedEthernetEncapsulation compound module

This module implements the module given interface and can be used as an omitted optional module that removes itself from the module hierarchy during initialize.

Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
AccessPoint compound module

A generic access point supporting multiple wireless radios, and multiple ethernet ports. The type of the ethernet MAC, relay unit and wireless card can be specified as parameters.

EthernetHost compound module

An example host with one Ethernet port and a traffic generator that generates request-reply traffic directly over Ethernet. This host model does not contain higher layer protocols (IP, TCP). By default it is configured to use half-duplex MAC (CSMA/CD).

EthernetSwitch compound module

Model of an Ethernet switch.

LinkLayerNodeBase compound module (no description)


Name Value Description
display i=block/layer

Source code

moduleinterface IEthernetLayer
        input upperLayerIn;
        output upperLayerOut;
        input lowerLayerIn;
        output lowerLayerOut;
File: src/inet/linklayer/ethernet/contract/IEthernetLayer.ned