OMNeT++ Simulation Library  5.6.1
cParsimCommunications Class Referenceabstract

#include <cparsimcomm.h>


Basic communications layer for parallel simulation. It provides an abstraction layer above MPI, PVM, shared-memory communications, etc.

This is an interface: functionality is added by specific subclasses for MPI, PVM, etc.

Inheritance diagram for cParsimCommunications:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~cParsimCommunications ()
Lifecycle of communications library
virtual void init ()=0
virtual void shutdown ()=0
virtual int getNumPartitions () const =0
virtual int getProcId () const =0
Buffers, send, receive
virtual cCommBuffercreateCommBuffer ()=0
virtual void recycleCommBuffer (cCommBuffer *buffer)=0
virtual void send (cCommBuffer *buffer, int tag, int destination)=0
virtual void broadcast (cCommBuffer *buffer, int tag)
virtual bool receiveBlocking (int filtTag, cCommBuffer *buffer, int &receivedTag, int &sourceProcId)=0
virtual bool receiveNonblocking (int filtTag, cCommBuffer *buffer, int &receivedTag, int &sourceProcId)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from cObject
 cObject ()
 cObject (const cObject &other)
virtual ~cObject ()
virtual const char * getClassName () const
virtual const char * getName () const
bool isName (const char *s) const
virtual const char * getFullName () const
virtual std::string getFullPath () const
const cObjectgetThisPtr () const
virtual std::string str () const
virtual _OPPDEPRECATED std::string info () const
virtual _OPPDEPRECATED std::string detailedInfo () const
virtual cObjectdup () const
virtual void parsimPack (cCommBuffer *buffer) const
virtual void parsimUnpack (cCommBuffer *buffer)
virtual cObjectgetOwner () const
virtual bool isOwnedObject () const
virtual void forEachChild (cVisitor *v)
cObjectfindObject (const char *name, bool deep=true)
void copyNotSupported () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from cObject
virtual void take (cOwnedObject *obj)
virtual void drop (cOwnedObject *obj)
void dropAndDelete (cOwnedObject *obj)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~cParsimCommunications()

virtual ~cParsimCommunications ( )

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ init()

virtual void init ( )
pure virtual

Init the library – parameters (if there are any) should have been passed in constructor.

This process may also include starting the program on all processors needed for the current simulation run, if it is not handled by the parallel runtime system (e.g. MPI handles it via mpirun).

◆ shutdown()

virtual void shutdown ( )
pure virtual

Shutdown the communications library.

◆ getNumPartitions()

virtual int getNumPartitions ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns total number of partitions.

◆ getProcId()

virtual int getProcId ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns id of this partition, an integer in the range 0..getNumPartitions()-1.

◆ createCommBuffer()

virtual cCommBuffer* createCommBuffer ( )
pure virtual

Creates an empty buffer that can be used to send/receive data

◆ recycleCommBuffer()

virtual void recycleCommBuffer ( cCommBuffer buffer)
pure virtual

Recycle communication buffer after use. May be used to implement pooling, etc.

◆ send()

virtual void send ( cCommBuffer buffer,
int  tag,
int  destination 
pure virtual

Sends packed data with given tag to destination.

◆ broadcast()

virtual void broadcast ( cCommBuffer buffer,
int  tag 

Broadcasts packed data with given tag to all partitions. This default implementation just simply sends the data to every other partition.

◆ receiveBlocking()

virtual bool receiveBlocking ( int  filtTag,
cCommBuffer buffer,
int &  receivedTag,
int &  sourceProcId 
pure virtual

Receives packed data with given tag from given destination. Normally returns true; false is returned if blocking was interrupted by the user.

◆ receiveNonblocking()

virtual bool receiveNonblocking ( int  filtTag,
cCommBuffer buffer,
int &  receivedTag,
int &  sourceProcId 
pure virtual

Receives packed data with given tag from given destination. Call is non-blocking – it returns true if something has been received, false otherwise.

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