OMNeT++ Simulation Library  5.6.1
cPreGateDisconnectNotification Class Reference

#include <cmodelchange.h>


Model change notification fired just before a gate has been disconnected.

This notification is fired at the top of cGate::disconnect(), to announce that the connection between the given gate and its peer (gate->getNextGate()) is about to be deleted. It is fired on the module that contains the source gate of the connection. If you wish to listen on the target gate of the connection being disconnected, you should add the listener to the parent module (as notifications propagate up).

This object accompanies the PRE_MODEL_CHANGE signal.

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cModelChangeNotification cObject noncopyable

Public Attributes

 The gate that is about to be disconnected. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from cObject
 cObject ()
 cObject (const cObject &other)
virtual ~cObject ()
virtual const char * getClassName () const
virtual const char * getName () const
bool isName (const char *s) const
virtual const char * getFullName () const
virtual std::string getFullPath () const
const cObjectgetThisPtr () const
virtual std::string str () const
virtual _OPPDEPRECATED std::string info () const
virtual _OPPDEPRECATED std::string detailedInfo () const
virtual cObjectdup () const
virtual void parsimPack (cCommBuffer *buffer) const
virtual void parsimUnpack (cCommBuffer *buffer)
virtual cObjectgetOwner () const
virtual bool isOwnedObject () const
virtual void forEachChild (cVisitor *v)
cObjectfindObject (const char *name, bool deep=true)
void copyNotSupported () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cObject
virtual void take (cOwnedObject *obj)
virtual void drop (cOwnedObject *obj)
void dropAndDelete (cOwnedObject *obj)

Member Data Documentation

◆ gate

cGate* gate

The gate that is about to be disconnected.

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