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Known subclasses

Name Type Description
EthernetLink channel

Base for Ethernet link types. Propagation delay can be specified with the length of the cable, i.e. in meters instead of nanoseconds or microseconds.

ThruputMeteringChannel channel

This channels adds support for thruput metering to the datarate channel. A cDatarateChannel extended with throughput calculation. Values are displayed on the link, using the connection's "t=" or "tt=" display string tag.


Name Type Default value Description
disabled bool false
delay double 0s

propagation delay

datarate double 0bps

bits per second; 0=infinite

ber double 0

bit error rate (BER)

per double 0

packet error rate (PER)


Name Value Description
class cDatarateChannel


Name Type Unit
channelBusy long
messageSent omnetpp::cMessage
messageDiscarded omnetpp::cMessage


Name Title Source Record Unit Interpolation Mode
packetsDiscarded constant1(messageDiscarded) count? none
busy channelBusy vector? sample-hold
utilization timeavg(channelBusy) last?
packetBytes packetBytes(messageSent) sum? B none
throughput sumPerDuration(packetBits(messageSent)) last? bps
packets constant1(messageSent) count? none

Source code

channel DatarateChannel
    @statistic[busy](source=channelBusy; record=vector?; interpolationmode=sample-hold);
    @statistic[utilization](source="timeavg(channelBusy)"; record=last?);
    @statistic[packets](source="constant1(messageSent)"; record=count?; interpolationmode=none);
    @statistic[packetBytes](source="packetBytes(messageSent)"; record=sum?; unit=B; interpolationmode=none);
    @statistic[packetsDiscarded](source="constant1(messageDiscarded)"; record=count?; interpolationmode=none);
    @statistic[throughput](source="sumPerDuration(packetBits(messageSent))"; record=last?; unit=bps);
    bool disabled @mutable = default(false);
    double delay @mutable @unit(s) = default(0s); // propagation delay
    double datarate @mutable @unit(bps) = default(0bps); // bits per second; 0=infinite
    double ber @mutable = default(0); // bit error rate (BER)
    double per @mutable = default(0); // packet error rate (PER)

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