Package: inet.physicallayer.wired.ethernet


compound module

(no description)

IPacketFlow InterpacketGapInserter IPacketFlow IPacketTransmitter IPacketFilter IPacketFlow IPacketReceiver

Usage diagram

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Known subclasses

Name Type Description
EthernetStreamingPhyLayer compound module (no description)
EthernetStreamThroughPhyLayer compound module (no description)


Name Type Default value Description
bitrate double


Name Value Description
display i=block/layer


Name Direction Size Description
upperLayerIn input
upperLayerOut output
lowerLayerIn input
lowerLayerOut output

Unassigned submodule parameters

Name Type Default value Description
interFrameGapInserter.displayStringTextFormat string "delayed %p pk (%l)\nifg: %g"

determines the text that is written on top of the submodule

interFrameGapInserter.clockModule string ""

relative path of a module that implements IClock; optional

interFrameGapInserter.initialChannelBusy bool false

assume that channel was busy before the simulation started

interFrameGapInserter.duration double 96s / dropUnit(parent.bitrate)

Source code

module EthernetPhyLayer like IEthernetPhyLayer
        volatile double bitrate @unit(bps);
        outboundEmitter.signalName = "packetSentToLower";
        outboundEmitter.direction = "outbound";
        inboundEmitter.signalName = "packetReceivedFromLower";
        inboundEmitter.direction = "inbound";
        *.bitrate = default(this.bitrate);
        input upperLayerIn;
        output upperLayerOut;
        input lowerLayerIn;
        output lowerLayerOut;
        phyHeaderInserter: <default("EthernetPhyHeaderInserter")> like IPacketFlow {
        interFrameGapInserter: InterpacketGapInserter {
            duration = default(96s / dropUnit(parent.bitrate));  // 96 bit / <bitrate> bps
        outboundEmitter: <default("PacketEmitter")> like IPacketFlow {
        transmitter: <default("PacketTransmitter")> like IPacketTransmitter {
            datarate = default(parent.bitrate);
        phyHeaderChecker: <default("EthernetPhyHeaderChecker")> like IPacketFilter {
        inboundEmitter: <default("PacketEmitter")> like IPacketFlow {
        receiver: <default("PacketReceiver")> like IPacketReceiver {
            datarate = default(parent.bitrate);
        upperLayerIn --> { @display("m=n"); } -->;
        phyHeaderInserter.out -->;
        interFrameGapInserter.out -->;
        outboundEmitter.out -->;
        transmitter.out --> { @display("m=s"); } --> lowerLayerOut;

        lowerLayerIn --> { @display("m=s"); } -->;
        receiver.out -->;
        inboundEmitter.out -->;
        phyHeaderChecker.out --> { @display("m=n"); } --> upperLayerOut;
File: src/inet/physicallayer/wired/ethernet/EthernetPhyLayer.ned