Package: inet.linklayer.ieee80211.llc


module interface

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Implemented by

Name Type Description
Ieee80211LlcEpd simple module

An LLC implementation that encapsulates packets with the IEEE 802 EtherType Protocol Discrimination (EPD) header, as defined in the section 9.2 EtherTypes of the IEEE Std 802-2014 standard. See Ieee802EpdHeader.

Ieee80211LlcLpd simple module

An LLC implementation that encapsulates packets in an LLC header, using IEEE 802 LPD-style encoding.

Ieee80211Portal simple module (no description)

Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
ExtUpperIeee80211Interface compound module

This module provides an IEEE 802.11 network interface suitable for emulation. The upper part of the network interface is realized in the real world using a real TAP device of the host computer which is running the simulation.

Ieee80211Interface compound module

This module implements an IEEE 802.11 network interface. It implements a large subset of the IEEE 802.11 standard, and may use radio models and wireless signal representations of varying levels of detail. It is also extremely configurable, and its component structure makes it easy to experiment with various details of the protocol.


Name Value Description
display i=block/layer

Source code

moduleinterface IIeee80211Llc
        input upperLayerIn;
        output upperLayerOut;
        input lowerLayerIn;
        output lowerLayerOut;
File: src/inet/linklayer/ieee80211/llc/IIeee80211Llc.ned