Package: inet.linklayer.ieee80211


module interface

Module interface for all ieee802.11 mac modul


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Implemented by

Name Type Description
Ieee80211Mac compound module

Implementation of the 802.11b MAC protocol. This module is intended to be used in combination with the Ieee80211Radio module as the physical layer.

Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
ExtUpperIeee80211Interface compound module

This module provides an IEEE 802.11 network interface suitable for emulation. The upper part of the network interface is realized in the real world using a real TAP device of the host computer which is running the simulation.

Ieee80211Interface compound module

This module implements an IEEE 802.11 network interface.


Name Type Description
IMacProtocol module interface

This interface provides an abstraction for different MAC protocols.


Name Value Description
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Source code

// Module interface for all ieee802.11 mac modul
moduleinterface IIeee80211Mac extends IMacProtocol
        input mgmtIn;
        output mgmtOut;

File: src/inet/linklayer/ieee80211/IIeee80211Mac.ned