Simple Module FileTransferAppl

File: src/tcpipmodel/FileTransferAppl.ned

Application layer; demonstrates how the socket interface can be used to talk to BSDStack.

The "dest" parameter (which is a string) specifies connections and traffic to be generated. The syntax:

CONNECT <StartTime> <NumPackets> <PacketSize> <DestinationIP> <DestinationPort>

LISTEN <AcceptTime> <NumPackets> <PacketSize> <ListenPort>

The parameter may contain several of such statements concatenated.


**.dest="CONNECT 2 100 1000 2000 "
**.dest="LISTEN 1.5 1 1000 2000 "

Usage diagram:

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FileTransferAppl BSDHost

Used in compound modules:

If a module type shows up more than once, that means it has been defined in more than one NED file.


Represents a host with a BSD network stack.


Name Type Description
dest string

specifies connections and traffic (see above)


Name Direction Description
out output
in input

Source code:

simple FileTransferAppl
        dest : string; // specifies connections and traffic (see above)
        out: out;
        in: in;