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 CASTBuilderSAX handler (to be used with SAXParser) that builds an AST
 CASTNodeFactoryBase class for ASTNode factories
 CASTNodeUtilVarious utilities for the ASTNode tree
 CMsgAnalyzerPart of the message compiler. Produces ClassInfo/EnumInfo objects from the ASTNode tree. Assumes object tree has already passed all validation stages (DTD, syntax, semantic)
 CMsgCodeGeneratorCode generator part of the message compiler
 CMsgCompilerGenerates C++ code from a MSG file object tree
 CMsgCompilerOldGenerates C++ code from a MSG file. Covers the MSG language of OMNeT++ 4.x, and 5.x up to 5.2
 CMsgCompilerOptionsOptions for MsgCompiler
 CMsgCompilerOptionsOldOptions for MsgCompilerOld
 CMsgGeneratorGenerates MSG source from an AST
 CMsgParserParses MSG files into an AST
 CNedCrossValidatorPerforms cross validation. Should be called after tree passed DTD validation and syntax validation
 CNedExceptionLow-level routines throw an exception instead of calling NedErrorStore->add()
 CNedGeneratorGenerates NED code from a NED AST
 CNedLookupContextContext of NED type lookup, for NedResourceCache
 CNedParserParses NED files into an AST
 CNedResourceCacheStores loaded NED files, and keeps track of components in them
 CNedSyntaxValidatorPerforms structural validation of components
 CNedToolsMisc NED utilities
 CNedTypeInfoStores information on a NED type
 CSAXHandlerBase class for SAX event handlers needed by SAXParser. This is a simplified SAX handler interface
 CSAXParserWraps XML SAX parsers
 CSourceDocumentStores the full text of a NED/MSG file
 CSourceRegionStores a line:col..line:col region in a source file. Used for mapping ASTNodes back to the source code
 CUserDataSubclass from this if you want to attach extra data to ASTNode objects
 CXMLGeneratorSerializes an AST in XML format