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Name Type Description
TransportHeaderBase class

This base class provides an abstraction for different transport layer packets.


Name Type Description
srcPort uint16

Source Port

destPort uint16

Destination Port

vTag uint32

Verification Tag

checksumOk bool
crc uint32_t
crcMode CrcMode
headerLength unsigned short
sctpChunks SctpChunk[]
sourcePort unsigned int
destinationPort unsigned int
mutable bool
complete bool
correct bool
properlyRepresented bool
chunkLength b
rawBin string[]
rawHex string[]
tags RegionTagSet::cObjectRegionTag[]

Source code

class SctpHeader extends TransportHeaderBase
    // Source Port
    uint16 srcPort;
    // Destination Port
    uint16 destPort;
    // Verification Tag
    uint32 vTag;
    bool checksumOk;
    uint32_t crc = 0;
    CrcMode crcMode = CRC_MODE_UNDEFINED;
    unsigned short headerLength = 12;
    abstract SctpChunk *sctpChunks[];

File: src/inet/transportlayer/sctp/SctpHeader.msg