NED File src/inet/physicallayer/wireless/common/energyconsumer/SensorStateBasedCcEnergyConsumer.ned

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SensorStateBasedCcEnergyConsumer simple module (no description)

Source code

// Copyright (C) 2013 OpenSim Ltd.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-or-later

package inet.physicallayer.wireless.common.energyconsumer;

// This module provides a radio energy consumer model. The current consumption is
// determined by the radio mode, the transmitter state and the receiver state
// using constant parameters.
// This module extends StateBasedCcEnergyConsumer, and provides default values
// suitable for using in low power wireless sensor nodes. Roughly based on
// the data sheet for the CC2500 RF transceiver.

simple SensorStateBasedCcEnergyConsumer extends StateBasedCcEnergyConsumer
        offCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(0mA);
        sleepCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(0.001mA);
        switchingCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(5mA);
        receiverIdleCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(0.002mA);
        receiverBusyCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(0.025mA);
        receiverReceivingCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(15mA);
        transmitterIdleCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(2mA);
        transmitterTransmittingCurrentConsumption @unit(A) = default(25mA);