NED File src/inet/networklayer/ipv4/IIgmp.ned

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IIgmp module interface

Module interface for IGMP modules.

Source code

// Copyright (C) 2012 OpenSim Ltd.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-or-later

package inet.networklayer.ipv4;

// Module interface for IGMP modules.
// An IGMP module sends notifications about multicast group memberships in hosts,
// and processes these notifications in multicast routers.
// Currently there are 3 versions specified in RFC 1112 (IGMPv1), RFC 2236 (IGMPv2),
// and RFC 3376 (IGMPv3).
// IGMP packets are transported by the IP layer connected to the ipIn/ipOut
// gates. Some multicast routing protocols (e.g. DVMRP) also communitacate with
// IGMP messages. They must be connected to the routerIn/routerOut gates,
// the IGMP module will pass up the unrecognized IGMP packets.
// @see ~Igmpv2
moduleinterface IIgmp

        input ipIn @labels(Ipv4ControlInfo/up);
        output ipOut @labels(Ipv4ControlInfo/down);

        input routerIn @labels(Ipv4ControlInfo/up);
        output routerOut @labels(Ipv4ControlInfo/down);