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simple module

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Name Type Description
PathVisualizerBase simple module

This is a base module for path visualizer simple modules. It keeps track of active routes in a network. A route between two node is considered active if a packet is sent recently between their corresponding layers. Active routes are not displayed by default, see the module parameters for how to enable the visualization. The actual visualization of active routes is done in derived modules.


Name Type Default value Description
visualizationTargetModule string "^"

module path relative to the visualizer which determines where the visualization should appear in the user interface, parent module by default

visualizationSubjectModule string "^"

module path relative to the visualizer which determines what part of the simulation model the visualizer displays in the user interface, parent module by default

tags string ""

tag added to each visualization for disambiguation in the runtime environment

displayRoutes bool false

display polyline arrow for active routes, disabled by default

startPathSignal string "packetFlowStarted"
extendPathSignal string "packetReceivedFromLower"
endPathSignal string "packetFlowEnded"
nodeFilter string "*"

which nodes are considered, matches all nodes by default

packetFilter object "*"

which packets are considered, matches all packets by default

lineColor string "dark"

route color is a list of colors, a set of dark colors by default

lineStyle string "dashed"

route line style (solid, dashed, dotted)

lineWidth double 3

route line width

lineSmooth bool false

when true polylines are displayed as curves

lineShift double 16

route line shift to avoid overlapping routes

lineShiftMode string "normal"

determines how overlapping lines are shifted, possible values are: normal, x, y, z; optional prefix + or -

lineContactSpacing double 3

spacing between arrow end and submodule icon

lineContactMode string "rectangular"

determines how arrows are clipped at the submodules

labelFormat string "%L %p pk (%l)"

determines what path data is displayed

labelFont string ", 8px"

label font, automatic by default

labelColor string ""

label color, same as line by default

fadeOutMode string "realTime"

specifies how inactive routes fade out

fadeOutTime double 0s

how quickly inactive routes fade away, 1 second by default

fadeOutAnimationSpeed double 0

animation speed while there are active routes, value must be in the range (0, +inf)

zIndex double 4

determines the drawing order of figures relative to other visualizers


Name Value Description
class PacketFlowCanvasVisualizer
display i=block/app

Source code

simple PacketFlowCanvasVisualizer extends PathVisualizerBase like IPacketFlowVisualizer
        startPathSignal = default("packetFlowStarted");
        endPathSignal = default("packetFlowEnded");
        labelFormat = default("%L %p pk (%l)");
        lineStyle = default("dashed");
        fadeOutTime = default(0s);
        double zIndex = default(4); // determines the drawing order of figures relative to other visualizers

File: src/inet/visualizer/canvas/flow/PacketFlowCanvasVisualizer.ned