Package: inet.routing.contract


module interface

Interface for BGP routing module.


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Implemented by

Name Type Description
Bgp simple module

Implements BGP Version 4 routing protocol.

Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
Router compound module

IPv4 router that supports wireless, Ethernet, PPP and external interfaces. By default, no wireless and external interfaces are added; the number of Ethernet and PPP ports depends on the external connections.


Name Type Description
IApp module interface

Generic application interface.


Name Type Default value Description
interfaceTableModule string

The path to the InterfaceTable module

routingTableModule string
ospfRoutingModule string


Name Value Description
display i=block/app

Source code

// Interface for BGP routing module.
moduleinterface IBgp extends IApp
        string interfaceTableModule;   // The path to the InterfaceTable module
        string routingTableModule;
        string ospfRoutingModule;

File: src/inet/routing/contract/IBgp.ned