Package: inet.queueing.marker


simple module

Sets Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) bits in IPv4 header based on the attached EcnReq tag on the packets.

Inheritance diagram

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Name Type Description
PacketMarkerBase simple module

This is a base module for various packet marker modules. Derived modules must implement a single markPacket() function which marks the individual packets by attaching tags.


Name Type Default value Description
displayStringTextFormat string "marked %p pk (%l)"

determines the text that is written on top of the submodule


Name Value Description
display i=block/rightarrow
class EcnMarker


Name Direction Size Description
in input
out output


Name Type Unit
packetPushedIn inet::Packet
packetPulledIn inet::Packet
packetPushedOut inet::Packet
packetPulledOut inet::Packet


Name Title Source Record Unit Interpolation Mode
flowIncomingDataRate flow specific incoming data rate throughput(demuxFlow(merge(packetPushedIn, packetPulledIn))) vector bps linear
outgoingDataRate outgoing data rate throughput(merge(packetPushedOut, packetPulledOut)) vector bps linear
incomingDataRate incoming data rate throughput(merge(packetPushedIn, packetPulledIn)) vector bps linear
outgoingPacketLengths outgoing packet lengths packetLength(merge(packetPushedOut, packetPulledOut)) sum, histogram, vector b none
flowIncomingPacketLengths flow specific incoming packet lengths packetLength(demuxFlow(merge(packetPushedIn, packetPulledIn))) sum, histogram, vector b none
flowOutgoingDataRate flow specific outgoing data rate throughput(demuxFlow(merge(packetPushedOut, packetPulledOut))) vector bps linear
incomingPacketLengths incoming packet lengths packetLength(merge(packetPushedIn, packetPulledIn)) sum, histogram, vector b none
flowOutgoingPacketLengths flow specific outgoing packet lengths packetLength(demuxFlow(merge(packetPushedOut, packetPulledOut))) sum, histogram, vector b none
incomingPackets incoming packets merge(packetPushedIn, packetPulledIn) count pk
outgoingPackets outgoing packets merge(packetPushedOut, packetPulledOut) count pk

Source code

// Sets Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) bits in IPv4 header based on the
// attached EcnReq tag on the packets.
simple EcnMarker extends PacketMarkerBase

File: src/inet/queueing/marker/EcnMarker.ned