Package: inet.queueing.filter


simple module

This module limit the datarate or the packetrate of a stream of packets based on the RateTag attached to the packets.

See also: RateMeter


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Name Type Description
PacketFilterBase simple module

This is a base module for various packet filter modules. Derived modules must implement a single packet matcher function which determines if a packet is to be passed through or filtered out.


Name Type Default value Description
displayStringTextFormat string "dropped %d/%p pk (%k/%l)"

determines the text that is written on top of the submodule

maxDatarate double nan
maxPacketrate double nan


Name Value Description
display i=block/downarrow
class RateLimiter


Name Direction Size Description
in input
out output


Name Type Unit
packetPushed inet::Packet
packetDropped inet::Packet
packetPopped inet::Packet


Name Title Source Record Unit Interpolation Mode
packetPushed packets pushed count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
packetDropped packets dropped count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
packetPopped packets popped count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none

Source code

// This module limit the datarate or the packetrate of a stream of packets based
// on the ~RateTag attached to the packets.
// @see ~RateMeter
simple RateLimiter extends PacketFilterBase like IPacketFilter
        double maxDatarate @unit(bps) = default(nan);
        double maxPacketrate = default(nan);
File: src/inet/queueing/filter/RateLimiter.ned