Package: inet.physicallayer.wireless.common.base.packetlevel


simple module

Module base for different physical layers.

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Known subclasses

Name Type Description
Radio compound module

The radio model describes the physical device that is capable of transmitting and receiving signals on the medium. It contains an antenna model, a transmitter model, a receiver model, and an energy consumer model.

ShortcutRadio simple module

This module implements a simple shortcut to peer radio protocol that completely bypasses the physical medium. This radio module directly sends packets to the other radio module without any physical layer processing in the radio medium. Packets received from the upper layer protocols may be lost. Physical layer overhead is simply simulated by physical header bits, preamble transmission duration and a propagation delay.


Name Type Description
LayeredProtocolBase simple module

Module base for different layered protocols.


Name Value Description
display i=block/wrxtx


Name Direction Size Description
upperLayerIn input
upperLayerOut output
radioIn input


Name Type Unit
packetReceivedFromUpper cPacket
packetReceivedFromLower cPacket
packetDropped cPacket
packetSentToLower cPacket
packetSentToUpper cPacket

Source code

// Module base for different physical layers.
simple PhysicalLayerBase extends LayeredProtocolBase
        input upperLayerIn @labels(ILinkLayerFrame/down);
        output upperLayerOut @labels(ILinkLayerFrame/up);
        input radioIn @labels(IWirelessSignal);

File: src/inet/physicallayer/wireless/common/base/packetlevel/PhysicalLayerBase.ned