Package: inet.linklayer.ieee80211.mac.ratecontrol


simple module

Implements the Auto Rate Fallback (ARF) adaptive rate control mechanism.

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Name Type Description
AarfRateControl simple module

Implements the Adaptive ARF (AARF) rate control mechanism, which was initially described in IEEE 802.11 Rate Adaptation: A Practical Approach, by M. Lacage, M.H. Manshaei, and T. Turletti, 2004.


Name Type Default value Description
initialRate double -1bps -1 means fastest mandatory rate
interval double 50ms

The rate (unconditionally) increases after each time interval.

increaseThreshold int 10

Number of successful transmissions needed to increase the rate

decreaseThreshold int 2

Number of consecutive unsuccessful transmissions (in the sense that ACK does not arrive within timeout) needed to increase the rate

increaseThresholdFactor double 1

When the transmission of probing packet fails, we multiply by "increaseThresholdFactor" the increaseThreshold.

maxIncreaseThreshold int 50

Upper bound for increaseThreshold.


Name Value Description
display i=block/cogwheel


Name Type Unit


Name Title Source Record Unit Interpolation Mode
datarateChanged datarate vector sample-hold

Source code

// Implements the Auto Rate Fallback (ARF) adaptive rate
// control mechanism.
simple ArfRateControl extends AarfRateControl
        increaseThresholdFactor = default(1);

File: src/inet/linklayer/ieee80211/mac/ratecontrol/ArfRateControl.ned