Package: inet.linklayer.ethernet


module interface

Module interface for Ethernet encapsulation/decapsulation.


Used in compound modules

Name Type Description
EthernetInterface compound module

Ethernet network interface. Complements EtherMac and EtherEncap with an output queue for QoS and RED support.

EtherSwitch compound module

Model of an Ethernet switch.

ExtLowerEthernetInterface compound module

This module provides an Ethernet network interface suitable for emulation. The lower part of the network interface is realized in the real world using a real ethernet socket of the host computer which is running the simulation.


Name Value Description
display i=block/square

Source code

// Module interface for Ethernet encapsulation/decapsulation.
moduleinterface IEtherEncap
        input upperLayerIn @labels(Ieee802Ctrl/down); // higher layer
        output upperLayerOut @labels(Ieee802Ctrl/up); // higher layer
        input lowerLayerIn @labels(EtherFrame);   // to Ethernet MAC
        output lowerLayerOut @labels(EtherFrame); // to Ethernet MAC

File: src/inet/linklayer/ethernet/IEtherEncap.ned