Package: inet.applications.sctpapp


simple module

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Name Type Default value Description
localAddress string ""

comma separated list of addresses

localPort int 0

port number to listen on

echo bool false

echoes received packages when true

echoDelay double 0s
delayFirstRead double 0s
numPacketsToSendPerClient int 0

number of requests sent per session

numPacketsToReceivePerClient int 1
requestLength int 1452

length of a request (bytes)

thinkTime double 0s

time gap between requests

waitToClose double 0s

time to wait between last message sent and abort

ordered bool true
outboundStreams int 1
inboundStreams int 17
queueSize int 0
prMethod int 0


prValue double 0


streamReset bool false
connectAddress string

server address (may be symbolic)

connectPort int

port number to connect to

startTime double 1s

time first session begins

numRequestsPerSession int 1

number of requests sent per session

numPacketsToReceive int 0
streamPriorities string ""


Name Value Description
display i=block/app


Name Direction Size Description
socketIn input
socketOut output


Name Type Unit
packetReceived inet::Packet
packetSent inet::Packet
echoedPk inet::Packet


Name Title Source Record Unit Interpolation Mode
packetReceived packets received packetReceived count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
packetSent packets sent packetSent count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none
echoedPk packets echoed echoedPk count, sum(packetBytes), vector(packetBytes) none

Source code

simple SctpPeer like IApp
        string localAddress = default(""); // comma separated list of addresses
        int localPort = default(0); // port number to listen on
        bool echo = default(false);  // echoes received packages when true
        double echoDelay @unit(s) = default(0s);
        double delayFirstRead @unit(s) = default(0s);
        int numPacketsToSendPerClient = default(0); // number of requests sent per session
        int numPacketsToReceivePerClient = default(1);
        int requestLength = default(1452); // length of a request (bytes)
        double thinkTime @unit(s) = default(0s); // time gap between requests
        double waitToClose @unit(s) = default(0s); //time to wait between last message sent and abort
        bool ordered = default(true);
        int outboundStreams = default(1);
        int inboundStreams = default(17);
        int queueSize = default(0);
        int prMethod = default(0);  //0=NONE, 1=PR_TTL, 2=PR_RTX, 3=PR_PRIO, 4=PR_STRRST
        double prValue = default(0); //for PR-SCTP
        bool streamReset = default(false);
        string connectAddress;  // server address (may be symbolic)
        int connectPort; // port number to connect to
        double startTime @unit(s) = default(1s); // time first session begins
        int numRequestsPerSession = default(1);  // number of requests sent per session
        int numPacketsToReceive = default(0);
        string streamPriorities = default("");

        @statistic[packetReceived](title="packets received"; source=packetReceived; record=count,"sum(packetBytes)","vector(packetBytes)"; interpolationmode=none);
        @statistic[packetSent](title="packets sent"; source=packetSent; record=count,"sum(packetBytes)","vector(packetBytes)"; interpolationmode=none);
        @statistic[echoedPk](title="packets echoed"; source=echoedPk; record=count,"sum(packetBytes)","vector(packetBytes)"; interpolationmode=none);
        input socketIn @labels(SctpCommand/up);
        output socketOut @labels(SctpCommand/down);

File: src/inet/applications/sctpapp/SctpPeer.ned